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#WhatIAmThankfulFor. And you?

Happy Thanksgiving to you! What are YOU thankful for this year? This year I am especially thankful for time and my family, both the one I was born into and the one God has blessed me with, including new extended members I have just reconnected with. Thankful that these people ALL serve others all year round not just but especially during this season. At church, at home, in their communities and even internationally. Thankful that service is in our genes.

So I am recognizing them, and you who serve others too, and wishing all a wonderful season of love and family starting with this designated Thanksgiving Day.

A few tips to stay sane and actually make this a happy time. Remember to:

1. Accept people just how they are not how you wish they would be

2. Create escape routes and space for yourself in advance, especially in tense moments or if the issues and extended times become too much for you. Find a balance of alone and togetherness.

3. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Have realistic expectations of your own self.

4. See the blessing in having this time together. Don't regret not having enjoyed this later!

However, sometimes Thanksgiving, Christmas or this time of the year can be sad, intense or a bit stressful for some. If this is not a happy season for you, I get you too and want to bring you into mine. JMR Coaching and Consulting services is specifically granting complimentary phone sessions to provide connection, encouragement, support and brief strategic sessions to you on family or seasonal-related issues.

Reach out by email, DM me on Facebook or call or text at 347-510-9131 with your family-related or seasonal stressors from now until January 2nd. Hope to be of service to you in your transformation for life!


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