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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Matters! You can get your coins and respect too...

Have you ever been at work and felt there was some whispering happening around you or things felt a little 'iffy" but you couldn't quite put your finger on it? Have you swallowed public mistreatment at times at work, you wouldn't let anyone do to your mother, yet you accepted it and the way you settled it within was that you were just doing what you had to do or it was part of being a good follower, employee or team player? Whether direct and blatant, or indirect and subtle, none of us really like to be disrespected.

These past few weeks in my office and circles, clients, friends and colleagues have been chatting about the t.v. host, Kelly Ripa, taking a few days off after being abruptly shared with on the spot for the second time in her career, that her co-worker was leaving the show. Yes, she probably stayed home, had some very strategic conversations, weighed her options, evaluated her investment, legacy and probably her needs, before returning to her 10 million dollars a year job after 4 days.

Regardless of what side your opinion falls whether calling her "drama queen, paranoid, or big baby", interestingly enough this coming mostly from women, or if you are cheering for her doing what she needed to do to come to grips with this "her way", here is the end result. She did it her way, returned unapologetically a few days after prompting a nationwide conversation, received an apology and made her point about respect on air. Oh, and plans for her colleague to move on 5 months later was mysteriously changed to 2 weeks, perhaps a representation of some level of respect established.

Yesterday, I was able to observe in action these two powerful, successful, self-made women, t.v. and food personality Rachel Ray, and Susan Wojcicki, first female CEO of Youtube who has been a vocal advocate about female equality in salary in the workplace. I spent a few hours in the presence of these two phenomenal girl bosses, examples of successful female servant-leaders, who I watched co-operate yet demand respect in their leadership and execution. They maneuvered themselves, staff and guests, including me, with firmness and efficiency yet with total respect for others as well as themselves.

Respect for yourself and respect from others is necessary and must be a non-negotiable! As Ripa showed, and others like journalist Melissa Harris-Perry who stood up but whose situation ended differently, respect for women in the workplace, is a conversation that must be put on the table whenever it comes into question or even appears to come into question.

YOU have that choice. Respect is important, in love, in family, in friendship and yes, even at work. It is more valuable than anything in the world. Including success. YOU MATTER, and self-respect is priceless so that means at times taking risks, sticking out, standing up or speaking up for respect.

You. Deserve. Respect. AND. You deserve to Be successful. They are not mutually exclusive nor should you have to sacrifice one for the other.

Monthly Challenge Assignment:

1. Make sure you evaluate if you are getting respect in EVERY area of your life. Don't be that boss chick at work who is used as a beating stick in relationships or at home. Or that drill sergeant at home, who settles for being that doormat at work.

2. Make sure to watch the video above or on Youtube, where I've shared 5 tips in being a Successful. Servant. Female. Leader. No matter whether you are on t.v. or not. Or whether you (YET) get paid $10 million yearly. Or not....

Click above to attend this opportunity offered by JMR Coaching & Consulting Services to get concrete business development and growth information and access to resources. Respect your skills, your gifts and your talents, and get your organization or consultation started or moving to your Next. Consider becoming a part of an Entrepreneur Community, Transformation500, focused on taking action in working on your business as well as in your business or on making things happen for you rather than to you, if being an entrepreneur is something you now dream of and are prepared to put the work in.

You still have an opportunity to share your voice and opinion confidentially and privately with us through our business/consultant survey above. Thank you to those who took the time to answer the call. Feel good contributing to others' success. The next entrepreneur we help with this information might be you!.

Thank you for all your direct personal email feedback sent to me. Please continue to send your comments as well as posting them right here on the website so others can share in and benefit from your valuable feedback. Perhaps this month you may want to share your big moment so far this year where you stood up for RESPECT.

All the best to you in Your Transformation for Life!


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