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Look for the Good yet be your imperfect you every day!

Just like many of you are doing both personally and professionally, I too have been reviewing my year over these past few weeks and honestly it has been a little bit of a roller-coaster and a lot of self-reflection. Here I provided a written blog piece- Look for the Good!- through my partners at Ethnicities magazine Edition 6 on pages 37-39 and even have had posted what I have called my "imperfect video" to make my point. Check out video here on Youtube.

I challenge us to give ourselves permission to be human even as we aspire for more and better. Here is a combination of three tips that hopefully will both inspire and release you to not be halted, wait for perfect conditions or attempt to be like anybody else in what you need to do in 2017.

My Challenge for you in 2017:

1. Strive for the best!

2. Look for the good!

3. Be imperfectly you!

For some of us these tips combined may seem paradoxical or contradictory but strive to make them each your truth in finding that balance that is just your own "sweet" spot and yours alone. During this season and as you fulfill your life's purpose, do something for someone else. Give! Inspire! Motivate! Serve! Don't wait for it to be perfect. Just do it!

It will be perfected!


Thank you to my new partners and donors, J Marcelle Lashley of Emelle Enterprises and Blanchette Nelson of B R Designs LLC. Right now only 100 of Rufo A. Garay's Elementary school's 2000 students in Colon, Panama receive a free lunch. Now with these contributions, we will additionally make that happen for 100 more students at least 4 times in 2017.

YouMatter Inc. through JMR Consulting & Coaching services is now looking for our next 10 partners before the end of this year so we can feed these additional 100 for the whole school year at least twice a month. Is that you? Is that you? Is that you? For $100=100 more students eat one meal at least twice a month.

Donate or commit to donating at least $100 once now. Or every month! Do it alone or join with family, friends, your organization or your business to make that contribution at the donate button at

Pass on that gift for yourself this year and give that gift that will really satisfy!

Here is how you can join us in your own giving:

1. Forwarding and sharing this message to every and anyone you believe may even be remotely interested in being a part of taking action now and being the solution.

2. Contacting me directly by text or phone @ 347-510-9131, or email, make a donation today on my website of $100 through this link via the DONATE button at top of page, or go to Mauro Montini's GoFundMe option, where you can specify your donation for either the food program or the music program project.


It's been a such an honor and a pleasure serving you all this year. In the midst of all the noise you receive, read and hear, thank you to a good portion of you who read these articles I write and share and to those who even reach back and share with me their impact. That feedback is invaluable! Thank you!

All the best to you personally and professionally in the New Year, and look forward to your continued transformation in your life, that brings you life, and for life! I speak LIFE!


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