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I am a Licensed therapist & Life & Business coach with advanced training and certification in Coaching, Assessment & Social Work. I provide both clinical and goal-oriented support! I understand that life is a journey full of changes that can be opportunities for transformation if you have the courage, motivation and skills to embrace them. That means sometimes we have to go back to go forward. 


Women's and immigrant issues, gender equality and point of views are near and dear to my life and heart, and I speak to them all the time. I serve girls and women who are on their own  journeys as they find their own voice and tell their own stories, while serving others, taking care of themselves, defining their own success and living out their God-designed destinies with integrity. I now focus on providing them coaching, personal and professional development, encouragement, mentorship and partnership.This happens privately or within groups, or formal or informal organizational structures.


My own journey led me from the Caribbean and Panama to Houghton College in rural upstate New York where I studied Sociology & Psychology, then to graduate school at Columbia University for a Masters of Science in Social Work (LMSW-NY state licensed). I have also acquired  ACCC- Associate Certified coach certification, DBT training,and knowledge and expertise in Highly Sensitive (tm) applied foundation, skills, and strategies. 

"I have known and worked with Judith Rapley for the past eight years. She has been an instrumental liaison between JMR Consulting Services and my district, District 21 in Brooklyn, New York. We have also worked together on several grants and other proposals regarding services for the after-school, prisoners reentering the community, youth leadership and development services, and HIV and AIDS programs. Each of these efforts required extensive collaboration building and Judith Rapley has done so in navigating different systems on behalf of New Hope and the Flatbush community. As she pivots to focus her skills on the female leadership throughout the country and more specifically in Brooklyn, New York, I believe that more and more women, perhaps 2nd and 3rd generation Caribbean women will be empowered towards expanding their horizons. Having a coach who has been there to mentor them in this process would be extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend her skills, passion and compassion!"

                                                                                                            - New York State Senator Kevin Parker,                                             21st Senate District New York State

"With passion, empathy, straight talk and my knack for breaking down big issues into manageable steps, I can help you find your purpose, identify destructive patterns and behaviors, develop strategies that will lead from procrastination to action and move you towards an attainable future. Through convenient coaching sessions in office or by telephone/skype, whether in individual, connected groups or summits, we can clarify your vision, set reasonable goals and stay on track throughout the process."


"Strategic and tailored coaching that assists you to improve your professional vision and goals is what you will get from Judith Rapley. As the leader of an organization, I have learned and am learning that group dynamics play a significant role in the success of any company. Targetted training and feedback in this area provided by Judith Rapley and JMR Consulting Services helps you to successfully execute your organization's business plan. Precise, accurate and timely responses are some of the direct services you will also receive. And as she is a Board member we receive all these benefits of her experience for free."

                                                                                                            - Keisha Allen, Principal

  New Hope Academy Charter School

"Judith Rapley is one of the most detailed and passionate organizational strategists I have ever met. Judith has played a key role in the development and success of two thriving not for profits, Xposure Foundation Inc., which she helped me build from the ground up and NLB Lanza Learning Center which she helped turnaround. Xposure's progressive after-school programs can now be found in over 5 locations throughout NYC and Westchester County.  Without Judith's keen eye for organizational detail and strategic planning, Xposure Foundation Inc. and the Lanza Learning Center would not be the thriving organizations they are today."



- Raymond L. Thomas, Jr., Executive Director

  Xposure Foundation Inc. / NLB Lanza Learning Center

  & The Jim Arden Foundation

 "To accomplish great things you must dream as well as act"


"Judith has helped me to see things in a different way and understand that my way might not always be the only way. As a professional she encourages others to always do their best. I am glad to have her as a friend, a minister, a counselor; a woman like her in my life. Keep up the good work. I know that your business is going to prosper. Thank you for being the woman of God that you are."




" Judith has been a coach for me in more ways than one. Ever so grateful."

.....My excursion came with a guide. She-Life- coach...

Life- instructor, Life- trainer, Life- tutor, Life- educator, Life- preparer, Life- drill sergeant...She life renew-er – hope giver – direction provider, Pusher – my pusher- these thoughts sounding board, support that I lacked. A life filled figure to help me sort out my stuff – like my children – accountable talk was deemed necessary for progression...Coach traveled through footage with me. Dissected plays with me, worked on creating new plays with me and each time I got tired, each time I tapped out, the whistle blew the sting of her silence filled the room and pulled me back in…. we needed to be more than life’s groupies, enjoying it from the side line, living vicariously through someone else’s moments – we, me, she had to be the protagonist in her story.."

Lastenia C., Client

COACH - Joselin L
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Joselin L., Client & Poet 

Excerpt from COACH


"Judith M. Rapley loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul. Her love for God motivates her love for her fellowmen and with that comes the desire to help alleviate their suffering and assist individuals in finding the strength and power to live lives that will glorify God, and help themselves and others. She has a deep concern for the needs of people and a compassionate concern for the whole person: soul, mind and body. Her different positions over the years have allowed her to gain knowledge and experience in different aspects of life. She is resolute, trustworthy and reliable. Her ability to communicate effectively in public, small groups and one and one make it easy for the people she reaches to feel understood and receive the needed help. She has a strong vision and excellent leadership skills."

 - Majors Alberto and Felicia Rapley (R), 

   The Salvation Army 

"Judith Rapley is a proven leader in work, ministry, and in life. She continues to amaze me as well as others with the high level of professionalism and focus that she displays in every circumstance or situation. Judith has a fire that burns inside that exudes out of her. That fire is evident whenever someone needs her help or when she is asked to lead people in workshops or training sessions. The love Judith has for humanity, as a whole, is undeniable and admirable. She always looks for the good in a person and does not hold the things you might have done wrong in the past against you."

  - Roy Waterman III, Owner & Head Chef                                 Caribbean Soul Caterers

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