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Catch a fresh whiff of Joy with Pure Joíe

Your Everyday Fragrance

Introducing Pure Joíe, the essence of citrus and pure freshness. Experience a symphony of invigorating scents that uplift your spirits and awaken your senses.

No matter the occasion, Pure Joíe is your companion for those moments of pure happiness. Wear it to brighten your everyday routine, or save it for special moments that deserve a touch of delight. Feel the joy wash over you as each spray envelops you in a refreshing embrace.

Scent notes

Immerse yourself in the uplifting notes of zesty lemon, sweet pineapple, and vibrant papaya. Each inhalation is like a burst of energy, rejuvenating your soul. But it doesn’t stop there. Pure Joíe also embraces some delicate and soft tones too, imparting a sense of elegant sophistication.

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How did we get there? Sometimes it’s through trial and errors or even through failure. Sometimes the worse things can lead to the best things. And those things can lead to joy! PURE JOY! That comes from within. No matter what might be happening without. 


Pure Joíe  fragrance is my version of that. It encapsulates sunshine, freedom, sea, laughter and a dimpled smile. A reminder that God wants the best for us and sees the best in us. Always! 


From Our Customers

"Pure Joie lotion is not too thick or watery. I could smell the fruit in it, like edible floral candy. And the linen spray on my pillows had me feeling like I was sleeping on clouds"

Ashana, KN

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