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ALL relationships take work!

Relationships whether personal or in business are never easy nor without its bumps in the road. But after the "squeeze", comes the sweet savor and flavor of refined wine, when they do work. Every relationship takes work!

At JMR Coaching and Consulting Services over these last three months it has been about Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. We have been busy in terms of both building new personal and professional relationships and maintaining those we already have that are worth it!

As we continue to move forward, we do so enthusiastically and with fervor, marching towards the mission of having larger and wider impact and helping you meet your goals, not only in the United States but now also doing more with those overseas, and exploring Executive Coaching and Business Consultation internationally as well. Right now we are looking at the Bermuda and Panama communities and markets as a start.

I want to help you and your organization soar! Organizing, creating and shaping order out of any chaos that may exist and broadening impact and expanding your resources whether here or abroad.

So if your local, national or international, small to mid-size business, consultancy, organization or non-profit is:

1. In it's building or growth stride

2. In a corrective action stage, plan or process

3. Looking to increase or save revenue, your expendable resources or human resource

4. In need of a critical objective external need assessment or strategic advisement and consultation, additional technical support and partnership or;

5. Just wanting to explore being a potential collaborator, vendor, consultant, sponsor of an event, or make some contribution to either JMR Coaching and Consulting services or its non-profit arm, You Matter, a youth development non-profit with a focus on emotional, intellectual development and transformation with focus on community services and global awareness, then reach out to schedule a consultation towards that solutions-driven, mutually reciprocal partnership. Let's change the world!


A lot has been happening! Just in the month of October alone, between serving the needs of and helping my phenomenal cadre of coaching clientele meet personal and executive goals and providing quality consultation to some new and familiar small businesses and organizations, JMR Coaching and Consulting Services collaborated with, supported, was featured in or sponsored the following:

1. Goddess Girl Retreat

At the top of this month we convened our first personal retreat at Goddess Girl Retreat Honors Haven Resort. There we exchanged ideas, celebrated, got real about what things mattered and what things didn't.

As women, entrepreneurs and small business owners which many were, we developed vision boards to keep in front of us as our visual strategic planning map and as inspiration and motivation to stay focused and on target. Without vision the people perish! Save the date for next Spring Retreat coming May 6th 2017.

2. National Association of Professional Women (NAPW):

Also early October, I was honored to be the guest speaker for the NAPW Forest Hills chapter. The topic was Communication from the bedroom to the boardroom. The goal was to show how the principles of communication were simultaneously and equally important in the different facets of our lives as well-rounded people.

The audience was challenged to pay attention diligently to find even one strategy presented that was not transferable in both environments, and they couldn't. Mission accomplished! See video testimonial here of one of many satisfied attendees. If you are interested in professional development, team building workshops in your professional or civic setting, reach out.

3. Yo Soy Ella:

I am excited to announce a new collaboration with a Chicago non-profit, Yo soy Ella, a non-profit organization based in Chicago with a focus on empowering and enriching the lives of Latina women. They chose one of my previously posted blog articles- Cut out the Noise- for their on-line edition of their monthly publication. It is so invigorating and inspiring to join others like Sarah Allen their founder, in this space, living congruent lives and serving the community while also transforming themselves.

This month, I was also honored to become a part of a phenomenal movement in Latin-America and some of the Caribbean and Central American regions, the Afro-Caribbean resurgence. I have joined forces with this international magazine based in Panama which serves to transmit the essence of afro-descendents in their community and worldwide. As someone who loves to write, I was thrilled to support the Chief Editor, Keila Moreno, who I met through one of my phenomenal mentors Melida Harris-Barrow of Love, Truth and Peace, as the Associate Editor for the English version of their bi-lingual magazine. I also shared some relationship growth pain transparently as the Contributing Columnist of their Relationship segment, which will be an ongoing component of the magazine moving forward. Click to read article here.

Be well in your Transformation for Life,


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